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Carol Sorhaindo

My migratory journey between the UK and Dominica at various stages of life inform concepts of roots, connection and wellbeing. The need to connect to culture, people and land led to a move back ‘home’ to Dominica where I now live. I have a fascination with plants, textiles and fragments. Unravelling historical threads appeals to my investigative nature. My processes are an entangled mix of site exploration, drawing, painting, installation, textiles, natural dyes and reflective writing.


The fragments I am left with to weave visual stories feed my creativity: texts from archival sources, tales of Indigenous, African and European lives, crumbling mortar, living plants, earthy tones, decomposing leaves, red soil and entangled roots.

Carol's Bio

Carol is a professional freelance artist with an MA in Creative Practice gained from Leeds College of Art, UK. Carol’s diverse portfolio career crosses both the art and design sectors including Interior design, community engagement, education, strategic planning and project development. The success of her art practice is built on a strong belief in the value of creative expression, nature and heritage awareness on mental wellbeing. Experience includes public and private art commissions, art installations, carnival costume design and making, heritage research, writing and presentations.  


Inspiration is drawn from heritage landscapes with a focus on plants of economic and ethnobotanical interest. Carol now lives in Dominica after many years of residing in the UK. Her migration story and entangled roots inform her reflective practice. Research is central to her practice contextualized through painting, drawing, installation and exploration of natural plant-based dyes, earth pigments and textiles.   


Carol gained a bursary award from The Textile Society UK for her natural Dye research. In 2022 she was one of the artists selected by The World Reimagined UK commission to paint one of 100 sculptural globes which toured major UK cities highlighting Transatlantic Trade History. 

Read Carol's full resume.

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