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Carla Armour

“I make art because it requires being fully in the moment, creating space for reconnaissance, resolve and hope.”

Carla's Bio

Carla Armour is a multi-media Conceptual Artist & Painter and Curator who lives and works between Dominica and South East England. Over the past 35+ years Armour has participated in collaborations and group exhibitions in many islands in the Caribbean, in the US, UK, Europe and Namibia (Southern Africa).


Her current work takes a multimedia approach to delve more deeply into shared interactive space, color relationships, and effects, while also incorporating ritualistic elements. Her pieces aim to evoke emotions such as recognition, remembrance, redemption, and resolve. To further enrich the experience of the installation space, some of her exhibitions feature her "Sharing Space - Collecting Receipts" and "Throwing Shadows" installations, which encourage immersive and collaborative sharing between artists and visitors' lived experiences.


While social and political commentary are suggested in her work, many of her paintings are nonrepresentational, others are pure abstractions. At times she will incorporate suggestions of West African symbols and Kalinago glyph images and markings, poems, Automatic Writing and drawing within layers, all of which include various media like inks, charcoals and pastels, acrylics, oils as well as paper and fabric collage including her signature Hessian (Burlap/Sackcloth). Hints of grids can be found lurking within or on top these layers too, a nod to the ’boxes’ women have historically been consigned to,… in exchange, these cross lines reflect not just the ‘weft and the warp’ of the tapestries of life but also the maturity, calm and order women infuse into our chaotic world.

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