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Vetivert Incorporated, first established in 2008 by Carla Armour as a vehicle to harness her varied passions, comprehensive expertise and decades of experience within the Creative, Tourism & Hospitality and Wellbeing industries.


Vetivert focuses on the HEART Pillars of Heritage Experiences, Arts & Regenerative Tourism. We are a Nature Island Seal of Excellence Certified and registered Destination Management Company (DMC), Coaching & consultancy firm.


As such Vetivert is the umbrella organisation of our Vetivert Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Run Wild, heritage based immersive adventures & experiences;  Vetivert Villas, facilitating high-end villa rentals & bespoke experience curation, villa management & rentals; as well as Vetivert 'Community' with outreach activities within the 'Heart of Dominica' and the Belles Primary School.


Vetivert Values... 


Our interactions and offerings should be, grounding, inspiring, integrous, nurturing, transformative & regenerative.


Vetivert Beliefs...

We believe that one should be grounded in authenticity.

We believe one should live their mission, with Passion and on Purpose.

We believe that one’s life and work should be a pleasure.

We believe that one should be involved in creative integrous work

that is Psychologically, Spiritually, Socially, Economically,

and Environmentally Regenerative.

We do our work because we know there is more to do.

The Creative (Orange) Economy is the engine room of our prosperity.

Our support and services include:

  • Fine Art Curatorial Services:

    • Exhibitions at Vetivert Contemporary Fine Art Gallery of Dominica and online gallery.

    • Fine Art Collection Curation & Installation

  • Bespoke immersive transformative Heritage Experience Curation.

    • Creative Retreats and Artists-in-Residences at Harmony Villa, Dominica (Eastern Caribbean)

    • Run WILD, immersive 'bucket-list' Waitukubuli Indigenous Long Distance Trail experiences & events

    • & Ancestral Connection Experiences with(in) our Indigenous and Negre Mawon spaces.

  • Vetivert Villas.

    • We facilitate high-end Villa Booking & Bespoke Destination Experience Curation

    • Villa Management & Business Development

    • Exclusive Vacation Villa Marketing & Reservations





A little more about us.


We focus on supporting growth and resilience within the ‘Orange Economy’, that is the Experience, Culture, Creativity, Identity, Intellectual and Content industries.


with a keen focus on our HEART (Heritage Experiences, Arts, Regenerative Tourism) pillars.   


Some of the most expansive work and initiatives done by our founder, Carla Armour over the last 4+ decades include; Destination & Property Marketing, Villa Management, Toe2Tip Dominica Trail Expeditions, Nature Island Food & Drink Festival and Island Chef Cook-off and of course, Caribana’s Iris Dangleben Gallery, Word Sound & Power Performance & Poetry Nights, to name a few we memorable projects and events we managed and curated previously. 

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About Carla Armour
Artist, Coach & Curator

Carla is a multi-faceted individual, an artist, curator, motivator, healer, and entrepreneur. Over the past 40+ years she has pursued various passions and gained a wealth of diverse skills. Growing up and working in the hospitality industry, Carla has a natural inclination toward caring for others. Her creative upbringing has honed her ability to observe and appreciate even the smallest details of her surroundings.


Carla is not only a former owner of the esteemed Iris Dangleben Gallery at Caribana in Roseau (1995-2002), during what was referred to as "Dominica's Artistic Renaissance" by Dr. Alwin Bully, but she's also the curator and director of the newly established Vetivert Contemporary Fine Art Gallery at Lacou Restaurant and Private Dining Room, located within the historic Melrose House.


With over 34 years of experience as a practicing artist and curator, Carla possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to art curation. As a mixed-media artist, she has created a diverse range of works ranging from interactive installations to abstract paintings and poetry. This first-hand experience has given her an acute understanding of the care and curation required for works of art. Another of Carla's expertise lies in working with emerging artists, guiding and mentoring them as they evolve their craft to create powerful, professional work.


Throughout her career, Carla has curated exhibitions in a wide variety of settings, including art galleries, museums, fairs, hotels, her Artist House Harmony Villa as well as private homes. She has also represented Dominica on the international stage, both as an individual artist and as a lead for national tourism promotions, cultural presentations, and group art exhibitions. With her keen eye for color composition and medium, as well as her deep understanding of content and theme, Carla is adept at creating collections and displays that evoke the desired response within a given space.

With a first degree in Art & Design from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York with a major in Fashion and modules in accessory design, combined with years of business experience and a track record of collaborating with local producers, Carla is perfectly poised to support their business growth through design and process innovations, ensuring the best quality and cost-effectiveness while maintaining reliable production.

Additionally, as an accomplished Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients tap into their creativity and courage. With a wealth of experience in HR and business operations, she is well-equipped to provide a combination of personal encouragement, accountability, and mentoring to help individuals achieve their goals, productively with quality and consistency.


Carla’s Master’s degree in International Event & Tourism Management, Carla is highly qualified. She has decades  of experience designing, developing and managing productions for visual and performing arts, culture and tourism, merchandising, business, and personal life events.

Armour has served on numerous public and private sector corporate and NGO boards, most notably, as Director on National Development Corporation (NDC), Dominica Writers Guild, Anchorage Ltd, Picard Beach Cottage Resort Ltd, and the Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association. She served as President of the DHTA, as Founding President of the Society for Heritage Architectural Preservation & Enhancement (SHAPE) for 5 years and is currently a Senior Advisor to the board of the Waitukubuli Artists Association (WAA). 


To date, her life, studies and work have taken her throughout the Caribbean, United States, Africa, Europe and the UK, and has lived in several countries over the years.

We invite you to explore our website, get to know our artists, and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our ongoing work.

Please share our activities with your networks and consider supporting our mission through purchases. Together, we can help elevate Dominica's art scene to new heights.

You too can contribute developing Dominica's Contemporary Arts .

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Vetivert Inc

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