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Hilroy Fingal

"I aim to portray a sense of harmony, honesty, and most importantly a sense of truth about how things might have been, through my painting. I attempt to paint historical subjects, and the majority of my paintings are inspired by the Bible, but I also try to promote a sense of beauty that uplifts people's spirits. That is who I am internally, so I strive to reflect that in my work." 

Hilroy's Bio

Hilroy Fingal is a 52-year-old Dominican artist who resides in Dominica, “The Nature Island of the Caribbean”. Hilroy is essentially a self-taught artist who continued his passion after studying art in high school. A skilled portrait artist, Hilroy’s love of drawing began at a very young age when he experimented with compositions, abstractions, colour and black and white. He continues to practice his highly technical approach by utilising a variety of media. His work is immersive and emotive and his mastery of the medium and exploration of approaches to his process add to the connection one immediately feels with his work.   


Hilroy’s mediums include acrylic, watercolour, pencil, pen, charcoal, and airbrush. When he is not teaching at Dominica’s top private Primary School, and pouring over his canvases, he can be found practising other well-honed skills like wood carving and creating sculptures out of a mixture of woods, metal, and even papier mâché. Another passion of his is jewellery making and fabric painting. Some of his fabric paintings and designs can be seen adorning spaces of the award-winning Jungle Bay Resort in Dominica.  


Additionally, with his exceptional skill and unique style, Hilroy has been a sought-after teacher, having worked in numerous communities around the island, judged national seasonal art competitions and participated in numerous exhibitions over the past 35+ years.  


Recent outdoor installations include his participation with the Waitukubuli Artist Association (WAA) in 2022; the iconic Dominica art Installation at the Dominica Cruise Ship Berth in Roseau, commissioned by the Discover Dominica Authority and the Cadence-Lypso Mural Portraits Commissioned by Dominica Festivals. He also worked behind the scenes in the construction of the skeleton framework in metal and wood of an 8ft replica of the late Earl Darius Etienne in Sensay costume, part of a wider Art Installation commissioned by NexConnex Ltd., for the VVIPLounge during the World Creole Music Festival in October 2022.  


Hilroy has been recognized for his continued development of art on the island by the Cultural Division of the Government of Dominica, and in 2016, earned a special recognition award for Excellence in Art.  

Read Hilroy's full resume.

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