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“Art is in nature, and nature is art.” 

Yae's Bio

Yaena Eugene-Carbon is a Dominican artist who goes by the name ‘Yae’. A self-taught jeweler who went on to obtain a bachelor's degree in Sculpture from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica.  


Considered to be one of Dominica’s more diverse Emerging Artists, Yae also paints in mixed media and designs wearable Art.  


Her environment within nature in the hills of Dominica, has and continues to provide endless inspiration which drives her creative process. It is obvious in her work that she is drawn to the minutia in nature that most overlook or miss entirely. In the true definition of abstraction, Yae mixes subject and media to create almost mythical juxtapositions in a piece.   


Yae is also pulling from her lived experiences. Using her body as a mold, her breasts, her belly, her face become part of her pieces, conveying quite a visceral tone that instigates dialogue. She will incorporate paper mâché, bandages, cloth, discarded objects and jewels into her relief sculptures that hang off walls invitingly.  


Yae is one of Dominica’s leading emerging visual artists and is represented by Vetivert Contemporary, Fine Art Gallery of Dominica, in Roseau. 

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