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Aaron Hamilton

"I find it's liberating to pick up brush or pen and to investigate with curious eyes, as hands follow the imaginations of the heart. I am inspired by people, movements, the landscape, the things uttered, the expressions we make. The way she giggled when she laughs his solemn look, that is what I want to express with my art: that moment in time. 

I am at peace when I create, as nature reveals the intricacies of creation. Calmly keep creating art you enjoy. "

Aaron's Bio

Aaron Hamilton was born in 1977, in the ‘Culture Capital of Dominica’, the South-eastern village of Grand Bay. At an early age, he moved to the north-eastern village of Concord where he was raised. A place known for the lush interior passage and constant running waters of one of Dominica’s bigger and longer rivers, the Pagua River. This was the fertile ground which surrounded him with vibrancy, peace and beauty, a constant in his paintings, which leaves viewers constantly inspired by his vivid imagery and striking detail. 


It is said that even as a young child, Hamilton was passionate about creating art. A self-taught Artists with a keen eye and eagerness to grow in his skill and practice, he gleaned much from his association with one of Dominica’s iconic Artists, Earl Darius Etienne and his many colleagues throughout the years. Working primarily in acrylics on canvas he will experiment with various media in his realistic depictions of landscapes and portraits and recording cultural scenes that feel textured and almost touchable.  


Hamilton's work is frequently featured in group exhibitions conducted throughout the year, and in his position as Senior Officer and Lead Visual Arts Instructor of the Dominica Institute for the Arts, at the Old Mill Cultural Centre, has organized a number of exhibitions that has facilitated the exposure of Dominica's most dynamic artists of which he is one. Hamilton believes that his expertise comes easily despite not having had the benefit of an institutional Art education. 

Additionally, over the years, Hamilton’s illustrations have been included in publications such as ‘Mwen sé Donmnik’, ‘Timtim Glo Doubout’, ‘Mi Bredeks’, and ‘Ti Listwe Donmnik’, a collection of creole expressions and short stories published by Dominica's Konmite pou E'tid Kweyol (KEK). Aaron Hamilton currently serves as Vice President of Dominica's network of artists, ‘The Waitukubuli Artist Association’.  


Fervently committed to the Dominica Institute of the Arts where he teaches Art to his students learning at various levels and ages. With a lifelong commitment to advancing the arts in his nation his goal is to influence the perception of art and artists in a small island developing state. One can follow Hamilton on Instagram. His work is also available for viewing at the Old Mill Cultural Centre in Canefield, Dominica. 

Read Aaron's Resume.

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