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Carla Armour Art and Design 

Terms & Conditions, Delivery, Shipping and Returns Policy

Please ensure you have read and understood the store policies before making a purchase. 


Packaging & Handling:

Depending on the size and medium of the Art purchased, it will be shipped in professional and secure packaging, box, or crate as appropriate.  


Shipping from:

Artist's studio in Dominica or the United Kingdom. The buyer will be notified upon purchase.



The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs as these vary with buyer location. Rates will be shared with and confirmed by the buyer prior to shipping.


Delivery Time:

Typically the purchased art originating from the Artist UK studio should arrive at the buyer's location within 5-7 business days for domestic shipments within the UK. 

Work originating in Dominica will be hand-delivered to Dominica buyer location.

Expect a minimum of 7-14 business days for international shipments from either Dominica or the UK.


Returns Policy:

The buyer may return the Art within 21 days of receipt of the Art if they are not fully satisfied. 


The Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Therefore the cost of returning the art is the responsibility of the buyer.


Upon the Artist's receipt of the returned Art in its original shipped condition, the buyer will be immediately refunded.

Should there be damage to the Art, depending on the damage, the Artist reserves the right to retain part or all of the purchased price. (Note that to date, this has never happened, because we ship through reputable shippers/couriers)


Customs regulations:

Depending on buyer location, shipments from the United Kingdom and Dominica may experience delays due to the destination country's regulations for exporting/importing valuable artworks. The buyer should verify with their home country policies so that there are no surprises.

The Artist will make every attempt to share all relevant information at the time of shipping.

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