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Dominica Art Gallery Installation welcome

Vetivert Contemporary Fine Art Gallery represents Dominica's only curated Art Exhibition in downtown Roseau.  

We are located within Lacou Restaurant & upstairs private dining room at the historic Melrose House, one of Dominica's most significant architectural heritage buildings.

Our Vision

Dominica has produced exceptional artists throughout the past centuries, and today is no exception. At the moment there are many artists of all ages who are producing vibrant work in a variety of media and genres.

Vetivert Contemporary, the Fine Art Gallery of Dominica provides our represented artists with mentorship, international exposure and representation, supporting our vision to position Dominica's art and artists alongside the best in the world.

Toward this aim, we offer a dynamic program of exhibitions and events that aim to garner recognition for the Artists so they can secure sustainable practices.

About Melrose House

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Posters credited to Petrea Honychurch Seaman

Lacou. Ideal meeting spot_edited.jpg

Our Events

To deepen the 'Artist to Collector Connection' and broaden the national 'Artists Network' in Dominica, we are supplementing our exhibitions with in-person and online events:


  •  ‘Artist Talks’

  • ‘Creators in Conversations’

  • Collaborations with other contemporary arts and cultural events that gives us the chance to commune with other artists, cultural enthusiasts, collectors and other creative minds.

We invite you to explore our website, get to know our artists, and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our ongoing work.

Please share our activities with your networks and consider supporting our mission through purchases. Together, we can help elevate Dominica's art scene to new heights.

You too can contribute developing Dominica's Contemporary Arts .

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Vetivert Inc

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